I left home for a while.  Did some things and learned some stuff.  I met some people and didn’t take many photos.

First attempt at making my own clothes.  Didn’t go well.  Trying again.

It’s apparent most people are unaware the shirts, hats and various brands they pick between these days are all made in the same 3 factories in China, or Bangladesh, or whatever.  Lifestyle branding is definitely a fundamental part of modern advertising, but it’s becoming pretty ridiculous…

I feel like in its purest essence a logo is meant to represent a product or a business rather then being the product or business.  I find it especially curious to see which “brands” people identify with right now considering how many modern day logos simply consist of font text inside of a rectangle, oriented around an X, or with the vowels removed or some shit.  Sending digital templates to an overseas factory does not make you a “manufacturing company”.  Writing a catchy word doesn’t make you a designer.  Buying clothes designed to look vintage instead of just going to Value Village isn’t gonna save the planet, no matter how recycled the materials are.

Spray paint on canvas 3′ x 6′

Some clothes and tags designed for Established 1993.  For sale at established1993.com (coming soon hopefully)

Event poster I made for the Dune Rats/Pilots show at the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay last year.  Thanks to Kit for the opportunity.  It was a really fun night.  I got in for free.

Preach.  Image courtesy of DC Comics.

“Fangz.”  Big ups to Slove for coming down to a sketchy ass shed in the woods in the middle of the night to hold a flashlight and keep me safe.

Sometimes I make things on the computer.

Dug this out of an old drawer of shit.  I made this whenever that photo was taken…  I think I stole the idea from a Gonz t-shirt.  I’m not sure what those numbers mean.

T-shirt logo and design for Live To Surf in Tofino, BC.

Some samples of Issue 1 of LORDISH Magazine, shout out to Dan and Wink for making it happen.

Oil on cotton 4′ x 3′